Season's Greetings
Written by moderator1    Friday, 23 December 2011 17:53

Happy Holidays from Internetworking Professionals of Canada!

Before year 2011 is eclipsed by the perpetual time machine, let's not forget these news-worthy stories from the Network Industry.

World IPv6 Day

IANA assigned the two of the remaining IPv4 address blocks earlier in February. This has prompted a global colloboration of over 400 content providers, network operators, hardware and software makers to perform an IPv6 readiness test on June 8, 2011. This large scale experiment went smoothly dousing any concerns of a Y2K apocalypse.

LTE Ready

Bell and Rogers have both launched their LTE services this year. Long Term Evolution, a standard for wireless communication from 3GPP has a speed of up to 300Mbps for downlink and 75Mbps for uplink data transfers on mobile phones. The future of wireless communication continues to bring the Internet closer to the palm of your hands.

Casualties of the Smartphone War

Since Google led the Open Handset Alliance with its Androd OS into the smartphone market late 2007, the stakes have never been higher. Ultimately benefiting the consumers, we should still take a moment to remind ourselves of the casualty of this war in 2011: Nokia cedes to Microsoft, HP gives up WebOS as open-source, the death of Apple's founder Steve Jobs, ever-plummeting market shares for Research in Motion.

Social Networking in Middle East

The voice of people are heard through social media websites like Facebook and Twitter during the Arab Spring. Egypt, and subsequently Libya and Syria's attempt to shutdown the Internet only highlights the importance social networking plays in freedom of press.

What about us you ask?

Internetworking Professionals of Canada delivered two successful seminars this year in addition to a new website and a LinkedIn group. Our association continues to expand and we will be announcing more exciting news in the coming new year.


Of course, none of this will be possible without members support from you. Here's to another great year ahead. Happy Holidays everyone!

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